The Unwritten Rules: Let's Talk Hair

The Unwritten Rules: Let's Talk Hair is a hilarious video, with a comedic spin on what happens in the work environment, when people react to a persons cultural differences. I love this video, because any one that has followed this blog long enough, will know that I worked on corporate America for about 15 years. Even though I gained a lot of expereince and learned some life lessons, during my time in the corporate world, I experienced a lot of ignorance based on race, my culture and my hair. So this video speaks to me on so many levels.  I must say that I have a wildly diverse group of friends and family, so racism is not a part of my vocabulary or way of thinking. But! There are indeed some misunderstandings that come up with another culture is introduced to something that they are not accustomed too.

The video stars Aasha Davis, as well as some other talented actors. Aasha has also been on Friday Night Lights, House, Grey's Anatomy, and more.  To learn more about The Unwritten Rules: Let's Talk Hair, check out the website, Facebook page and see the video directly on youtube. Also check out the main website to see other episodes. I look forward to seeing all the videos and want to say thank you to Kim Williams, who created and wrote the web episodes, The Unwritten Rules.