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Elegant Beauty

Leslie's Gorgeous Loc Style!

I love this fabulous hair style by Leslie!  Here is what she had to say about her hair - 

"I've been natural for about 4 years and I've had locs for 3 and a half years. I went natural with the intention 
of having locs because I've always admired them.  I don't really use many products. I wash with suave clarifying shampoo and retwist with olive oil and sometimes gel.  That’s about it, neglectful, I know lol.  And.... I seriously love my hair. Contrary to popular belief, I feel like my hair is way more versatile loc’d than in any other style. Locing my hair was the best hair decision I've ever made." - Leslie

Growing Out Bangs...Twist

Most of the time Sophie only wants a ponytail.  There are only so many things you can do with a ponytail when you are growing out those blasted bangs.  Here we have a twist to a low side ponytail.  Super easy and off the neck for hot summer days.  

If you haven't mastered this twist, here is a link to an old tutorial.

Beautiful Artwork

Beautiful Artwork. Thanks for sharing "SunFlower"!

Earrings from OSISI Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Osisi Earrings Giveaway. The folks from Osisi loved the response and choose a winner. The winner is Netta Tucker!!  Congratulations... :-).   To collect your prize, please email me at, confirming your shipping address and blogger screen name.  Thank you again to everyone that entered the contest. More giveaways coming soon!

Growing Out Bangs...Triple Dutch Braids

My sweet niece came to spend the day with us.  

A little story about her.  Several years ago she found scissors, and we all know that NEVER ends well.  Her hair was in the process of growing out and she had some bangs that she wanted trimmed.  Well, my sister wouldn't do it "RIGHT THEN" so she found another set of scissors and took matters into her own hands.  

When my Sophie originally wanted "no more bangs", she thought it meant we had to cut them off.  We reminded her that is what my niece did and Sophie remembered and changed her tune.  

So little missy has been growing her hair out.  I have taken it upon myself to be in charge of her hair.  She is good with it, I am good with it and my little sister who is self-described as "not girly at all" is good with it.  

Here is another little "growing out the bangs do.  Because her hair is at different lengths, there are some wispys with the bang ends.  With the finished style, you can hardly tell.

Growing Out Bangs...Making it Match

This little one starts her second year of preschool in a couple of weeks and it's time to start training her hair.  She has started having a VERY big opinion about her hair.  I can't cut it, and she wants "no more bangs" and either VERY straight or "magic wand curlies".  I am a little back and forth on this one.  She has such a big forehead that I feel she just looks better with bangs.  Plus they are so little girly that it makes me feel a little sad.  
Sometimes it's as easy as tiny ponytails in colors that match her outfit.  

No bangs just makes me feel like it's official.  My last baby is growing up. 

Ash The Painter

I love these artworks! Great use of color and I love the features. About the artist - "I paint natural, nappy & glamorous. I freelance & sell art locally & online. I always have something for sale! Biography I am a face portraitist and art designer. I've been in the art business for 2 years. I specialize in minimalistic art, abstract art, and ethnic art. As an independent contractor, I've painted for numerous clients filling orders for: self portraits, original artwork, business signs, logos, t-shirt designs,  and other custom art designs."
AshThePainter : Website, Facebook, Tumbler. Contact:

Giveaway Winner!! Book - A Natural Hair Journey

Thank you to everyone that entered the A Natural Hair Journey Book Giveaway!  The Author, Jenice, has chosen a winner - and the winner is LA Jefferson!

LA Jefferson - please forward your shipping address to to receive your prize. 

Gorgeous Kid Hair Styles from Nia & Sheree!

I love Nia's hair and scarf accessory. Every time I see this young lady, I am so impressed by her gorgeous hair...  And it should be no suprise, because she gets her lovely curls from her mom, Sheree.  

Summer Simple...Two Knotted Ponytails

It's summer.  For the most part, we are lucky if hair gets brushed, let alone done.  We found some super cute hats at the beginning of summer and most of the time my little girls just plop those on or we spend most of our days lazing around "the Hill" at the pool and the hair looks a chlorinated, tangled mess.  But on rare occasions, I do get their hair done, and it's simple in the summer.

This one is an old stand by.  Two ponytails flipped into knots.  Nothing fancy, no ropes or twists or braids. Just something to keep their hair out of their faces.

****Just a little aside, we always ALWAYS start with wet hair to keep their hair fly-away free.  My girls have lightweight, soft hair.  The smooth usually only lasts for a little while unless they are straight out of the shower.  I like them to bathe at night, so the two don't mesh well.  I've tried every product on the market and one day in a moment of desperation, we discovered our secret weapon.

Warm water, infusium 23 leave-in treatment and conditioner.  We had this on hand, which is fine because we all love the coconutty smell.  I fill up the spray bottle with warm water, drop in about a teaspoon of conditoner and two-ish tablespoons of infusium 23.  It's like freshly conditioned, wet hair without having to rush to have one more person in the shower in the morning.  The weight of the conditoner helps so much and the infusium 23 keeps the flyaways to a minimum...unless your daughter wraps her head in a fleece blanket and wears it as a disguise.  I'm afraid nothing can help with that.

So So Natural Apparel!!

I am in love with my new t-shirt from So So Natural! The shirt has a beautiful profile image of a natural women and it reads Shaped Beautifully Like My Hair.  I asked Paula how she got started with creating this great t-shirts, and here is what she had to say - "I started this business was because I searched for Natural Hair tees for weeks and couldn't find any for less than $28. I made it a personal mission to figure out how I could produce affordable t-shirts for every budget. I then started producing totes because who doesn't want to rock their "fav" shirt with a cute tote? That's it in a nutshell. I am someone who embraced their natural beauty and wanted to "wear and share" at the same"

Wonderful Paula! To see this t-shirt, go here. And to learn more about So So Natural, go to their website for more information.

Giveaway!!! African Inspired Earrings from OSISI

OSISI is an independent fashion company focused on African-inspired designs. Their customers have the opportunity to buy and wear beautifully-crafted pieces made by top designers from Nigeria, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Uganda, and the US. They offer women's dresses, tops, pants, jackets, jewelry, handbags, skirts, and men's shirts. As one of the few African fashion retailers online, OSISI prides itself on culture, quality, and service. OSISI strives to provide their customers with impeccable service and a fantastic online shopping experience.

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Tween bun for lazy days

Hi.  Remember me?  It's been a while.  Almost three years to be exact.  Life has been fun.  We built a house, moved, had girls grow, figured out how to live with a child who has severe allergies and just plain enjoyed life.  My girls are getting older.  Remember this one?  My sweet first born who was eight years old the last time I posted is now turning twelve and entering junior high.  We have transitioned from a house with little, little girls to a tweenager home. It has been really fun.  I don't mean that in an "I have moody, obnoxious children" way.  I mean it in a "This is the SWEET spot of life.  I have real, deep conversations with my girls who are smart, fun, sweet with just a tiny bit of sass" way.

In regards to this style, the television has been on consistently lately.  We love watching the Olympics.  My little ones especially LOVED watching women's gymnastics and watching Gabby soar to the gold but felt so bad for her because the press went on and on about her hair.  Really?  Around here... maybe it's just Utah...all of the tween/teenage girls are wearing their hair in high ponytails pulled into a messy bun or left down but up high and full.  My own tweenager is no exception.

I rarely do her hair anymore.  She is in full independent mode.  Today she let me have at her, and you know what?  It is hard for me to do her hair!  I am out of practice with it's texture and how it moves.  But she humored me and let me have at it anyways.