Some questions answered

The flat-iron I use is one inch. I use the cheap-o Andis one with a flat plate and a beveled edge from good ol' Wal-Mart.

The shampoo I use is Hydrotherapie from Biolage.

I buy most of my product at Target. I find they have the best selection.

My middle daughter, the blonde one, has hair to just beneath her shoulders. It is thin and baby fine. So any of you who want to know about hairstyles for shorter hair, try those. Also, on my side bar there are several moms who deal specifically with baby hair and short hair.

Unfortunately, I won't delve into adult hairstyles. I just don't have the time and most days I don't get around to doing my own hair! Many like THIS and THIS can be done on adults.

More Knots

Wet the hair on the top and the front.

Make a slanted part. From that slanted part, you part the hair down from the end of the part to the ear. Divide this section in half, I followed the original part. Pull into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.

You then pull the elastic into a knot. To see a tutorial on how to make a knot, go HERE.

Then take that first knot and pull the hair from that knot down into the next section and make another ponytail. Then you make another knot.

Repeat on the other side.

Now, you could just leave it like this. It would be pretty with curled ends to make it feminine, however, it was PE day. Lots of running involved. So we pulled it back.

And we did just one more knot.

Tidy Braids

Someone requested that I share how I keep their braids so together. Here you go!

Here is that soaking wet ponytail again.

And here it is all gooped up with product.

Section it into three parts. Try to make them even

Then just braid. I hold my braids tight...some people braid loose, some braid tight. I belong to the latter group. It's all about preference.

Just keep going. Notice the parts under the braid are starting to get unruly. Since I MUST have order, I take care of that by running my comb down each part.

Then just proceed to the end.

Little Ponytails off a Slanted Part

This is the look we are trying to acheive today.


Wet the hair thoroughly.

Part from right or left side through the crown.

Part from the crown to the ear on either side, I also take the hair that I am not using and put it in an elastic so the stray hairs don't get caught up in the ponytails

On one side, you follow the part and do that into three ponytails.

On the other side, you work off the part and make the three ponytails come off the part.

I then took the elastic that was holding the extra hair out and I parted the hair down the middle.

Then pull the three little ponytails into the main two ponytails and made them into messy ponys by only pulling them half through the last time I pull them.

I liked the way the ends looked so I didn't curl them. I just sprayed them with hairspray and put the bows in.

Corkscrew How To

Start by putting the hair in a ponytail. I wet the ponytail thoroughly.

Then I goop it up with product. This is the BOLD IT! Gel. See how shiny it is? I worked it through the entire ponytail.

Separate the hair into two sections.

Now you twist the two sections separately in the same direction. See the picture below. I twist them super tight because it will relax a bit in the end and I don't like them to relax too much. You also use both hands because you aren't holding the hair AND the camera

Then I twist them together the other way. You don't have to do it this way. You could twist each side down completely and then twist the opposite way, I have found that for myself, I twist as I go because I can hold it tighter.

Like this.

Here is the completed twist. It just needs to be secured. However, because this was pre-bath and I had to bribe her, I just used a clip to hold the end.

But you can see in this picture how it relaxes just a bit.


Let's discuss product. I am a product junkie. It is like an addiction. I LOVE going to the store and walking down the product isle. It draws me.

Now, as a disclosure, I do not work for Garnier or Suave or FX or Infusium 23. I am just a mom who loves using their products on my kids hair. And as another disclaimer, I use a really good shampoo on my daughter's hair. I feel like the shampoo and conditioner are the foundation of a good hairstyle, and since I use SO MUCH product, I feel better washing it out with a top of the line shampoo. You would THINK that my girls had terrible hair, but quite the opposite. Their hair is healthy and shiny and full and luscious.

First are my favorite putty's and pomades. I LOVE these sculpting ends and for making them stay where you want them to go. Pomade and the Gel are GREAT for putting in braids to make them smooth and to stay smooth throughout the day. Pomade makes my girls hair, and MY hair look the same after they have slept on it! I use whatever I feel will be the best for the style that particular day. It's just something you have to get a feel for.

Rarely, I leave their hair down. When I do, I want it to look smooth and soft. This little baby does the trick.

I do curl their hair...a lot. This is what I put on before I attack their hair with a curling iron, flat iron, rollers, whatever.

My handy, dandy cheap-o hairspray. I should have bought stock...Honey???

Water. Most styles start with a wet head of hair.

After every washing, this goes in. Including on my baby's hair.

Any questions?

What do you want to see?

I am taking requests.

So far on the list are a zig-zag part tutorial and a curling with a flat iron tutorial.

So go ahead, request away!

Triple Twists

Sometimes I start doing their hair and I never quite know where I will end up. You can tell that is the case with this do.

I started by wetting her hair and parting it in a zig-zag down the middle.

I then took each side and pulled it up into high ponytails.

Unfortunately there aren't pictures of me twisting her hair into corkscrews, but that is what I did. I separated each ponytail into three sections about the same thickness. I smoothed some pomade on each section and split it in half. Then I twisted each half in the same direction while twisting them together the other direction. I repeated on each ponytail until I had three twists on each.

Then I took each corkscrew and pulled it up under the main elastic. IF I had known where I was going with this, I would have used clear elastics. She was playing soccer that day and I didn't want to chance the corkscrews coming undone and so the elastics needed to stay in place. Clear would have been much less noticeable.

It will look like this. I am not a fan of those ends.

So I took my flat iron and curled them towards myself.

Then I added her soccer ribbons. Which, by-the-way, we can't use anymore because they won't let us use metal. Whoops. Guess they will have to wear them when they go to pro soccer games on daddy-daughter dates. The also helped to push those out-of-control ends back.


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