Double twists

Another rather simple style. You could just as easily pull each side into one full ponytail or two ponytails.

I have found that when twisting the hair back like this, if you make your first twists go up towards the crown and then do the final twist to the ground, they don't flip by the end of the day. Does that make sense or do I need to add arrows?

Baby Do's. Two and a half ponytails?

YAY! A fresh head of hair to add to my arsenal. People ask how my kids hold so still when I do their hair. Simple answer is I do it from the time they are babies. When this one hit a year, her hair started growing and it is getting super thick in the back. Could someone tell that to her front and sides?

Usually I do one or two piggies on top, but as they get a bit older and can sit for a bit longer, I get a bit more creative.

This one is basically a triangle in the front of the hair pulled into a ponytail. I parted her hair from the point of the triangle in the back down and made yet another triangle. I pulled that together and added the first ponytail. THEN I did another part on the other side and did JUST that into a ponytail. Sometimes I add bows. Okay, usually I add bows, but today I wanted just the color from the elastics.

And yes, I did curl her hair with a flat iron. Her hair is SUPER straight and if I don't, we get fly aways all day.

Out the door in sixty seconds

Well. Sort of.

If your life is anything like mine has been lately, your kids are lucky if they get a comb ran through their hair and a barrette. Quite honestly, this third kid has made me a complete and total crazy! Mornings are SO much harder than it was when I had just two. Three people to get ready means I don't even shower til 3:00pm, if even then.

This is one of those hairstyles that adds a touch of simplicity. Normally, we don't do the curls and I just curl it under, but this morning went a bit more smooth than most and she was so excited to have curls. Isn't that sad? My kid feels neglected when I don't curl her hair. Poor baby! Rough life that middle child has.

For this you simply part the hair in the middle and make two little ponytails on either side of the part. So simple her dad could do it...maybe.

Oops...gotta go! The baby just gagged on a piece of cereal and threw up on her high chair...remember what I said about simpicity? Yeah...

Update on Legislation

As many of you have heard...especially all 48 of you who have taken the time to e-mail me and tell me my information was incorrect, some in a not-so-nice way...they have added a "clarification" to the legislation that keeps second hand retailers safe. I read through the original bill, and there was nothing that mentioned second-hand retailers or consignment stores.

This clarification was released on January 8th. I posted on January 5th. At the time of my posting, no current specifications had been made and there are still quite a few holes that need to be filled.

I still maintain my position that products need to be checked at the source and the price shouldn't be passed on to consumers. I also believe that the government should specify information in the first place so citizens feel secure in their business and economics. To pass a bill that had so many questions and was so vague is very harmful. One can only wonder how many more clarifications will have to be made.

No more hate mail. Please.

February 10th...National Bankruptcy Day

I know this is a hair blog. I am totally aware of that. However, today I feel the need to put something out there that may push readers away.

Soon, a United States law will go into affect that will have a profound impact on small business, including ALL on my sidebar. It is called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. It is a law that in essence, prohibits anyone from selling products to children under twelve without rigorous lead testing. This includes ANY products intended for use by a child. Small businesses, Etsy, E-bay, Craigslist, Freecycle, thrift stores, garage sales, even hand-me-downs are included in this measure.

I am disgusted. That means no more give-aways. I could be prosecuted if I give something to one of my readers. I would by law be required to provide a "chain" to where I received the item, and the person who donated the item as well. Can we say McCarthy?

All items that haven't been tested for lead by February 10th will be required to be thrown into a landfill. I am disgusted that the country I live in, who boasts of its many freedoms, would do something as heinous as this. So much for "going green".

I understand the need to test for lead, however the lead problems are from China. Not the beautiful heirloom doll house my dad made for me when I was a little girl. According to the law, instead of leaving it to my girls, we will have to toss it. You won't be able to give those hardly used clothes to Goodwill or your neice or neighbor. Clothing prices at retailers will go through the roof because of the sheer cost of testing each article of clothing. I was thinking today that it reminds me a lot of why our country established it's own union. Taxation without representation. The bottom line is what matters. Forcing people to buy retail instead of buying used. They can't tax clothing that has already been sold. No more boutique clothes. No more homemade puzzles. No more toys that Grandpa lovingly worked on for over a month.

What makes me even sicker is that OUR house passed it with no nays and only a few in the Senate. I have a pit in my stomach. I can only imagine who is in the back pockets of these lawmakers.

For living in a country that boasts being a democracy, it sure feels a lot like communism.

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Write your congressman! I just did!!!