Meet Actress & Model Felizitas Cipolla

Name: Felizitas Miracle Cipolla

Q: What is your hair story?  Have you always loved your curly hair?
A: I decided to go natural during my freshman year of high school. I had been perming my hair since 4th grade and had just added highlights to my do which resulted in a very thin, unhealthy head of hair. I was teenager who, like most teenagers, was very critical of myself because my peers were; because of this I wasn't brave enough to cut my entire perm off and start fresh. I slowly grew my hair out and cut off my permed ends little by little. The in-between phase wasn't fun and at times I considered giving in to the chemicals, but I hung in there and as my curls emerged my love for them quickly grew. Now I love my curls because they are soooooo low maintenance. I love the versatility of my hair; I can flat iron it for that nice sleek look and be back to my crazy curls the next day with a little water.

Q: As a model, have you run into any issues with wanting to embrace your natural hair? Or have you had any pressure to change your image to fit in?
 A: I haven't run into many issues with my curls as a model. People typically LOVE my big crazy hair and it definitely fits my free-spirited personality. However, as "Bay Bridge" in the Miss CA USA Pageant 2013, I  am feeling the need to get a long straight weave, or clip-ins or something for the pageant, because I feel like that is what the judges will be looking for. If would greatly appreciate any help with my pageant transition,  so feel free to contact me on twitter or my facebook fan page if you’re a hair stylist who has experience dealing with natural hair and weaves (esp interested in "fusion" hair extensions).

Q: What are three products you can't live without for nurturing/styling your hair?
A: #1 "Curls" Brand "Cocunut Curlada Conditioner" #2 "Kinky Curly" Brand "Knot Today Natural Leave-In Conditioner" #3 "Kinky Curly" Brand "Curl Custard Natural Hair Gel"

Q: What would you say to someone who's thinking about embracing their natural hair, but scared about being rejected in various parts of their lives?
A: I would say be like Nike and "Just Do It" lol No, but seriously, there are MANY different ways to tame and style natural hair so for anyone who's considering "going natural" they shouldn't be apprehensive due to free of being rejected. It may take sometime, but you will find a natural style that works for you. In your personal life, those who truly love you for who you are wont reject you just because you decide to embrace your natural mane. In your career, you may have to tone down your natural style in certain instances (i.e. interviews), but it's called adaptation people; once your out of that interview or off from work you can let your hair down, or out so no worries =)

Q: How can we keep up with you and your modeling ?
A:  Welllllll although I'll never turn down an opportunity to model (because I love it and believe in being well-rounded), I am focusing on pursuing my acting career. I am also representing "Bay Bridge" in the Miss CA USA Pageant 2013. Anywhoo, to keep up with my acting career, as well as my journey to the Miss CA crown you can "like" me on Fan Page and follow me on twitter @felizcipolla. Thankies loves =).